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The Group Analytic Network London runs workshops and study days for colleages, professionals and trainees in psychotherapy, counselling and related areas. The workshops normally include presentations and small and large group discussions.
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Forthcoming Workshops:

9 Nov 2018
The Contagion of Anxiety in the context of social change

Previous Workshops:

10 Nov 2017 The Political8 and the Personal
Programme & Booking Details
October 2016 The Body In The Group - The Body Of The Group
How does a small group develop its culture and become embodied?
October 2015 Where is the Father in our Groups?
Looking again at the Symbolic Function of the Father
Nov 2014 Sexuality and Gender in our groups today
A joint workshop with the Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice
Programme Presentation
Feb 2014 Intimate Isolation: A group analytic perspective on the internet.    Programme:
Sept 2011 Shame And Shamelessness In Groups.
February 2010 Envy and Gratitude in Groups.   Programme:
March 2008 Class: The Last Taboo
March 2007 Retirement: A Group Analytic Perspective.
Working to live or living to work?
June 2004 A Group Analytic Approach to Brief Psychotherapy.
November 2003 Re-thinking Race and Racism in Psychotherapy and Counselling: A Group-Analytic Perspective.
June 2001 Group Psychotherapy - Does it Work?
1998 - 2001 Psyche-Soma Discussion: A Forum for Health Professionals in North and East London. They were well attended by Complementary Medical Practitioners, Counsellors, G.Ps, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers. They took place three times a year on a Saturday for 4 years.